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"I'm very excited about all of the herbal preparations that we are now offering and I encourage each of you to live well, treat yourself and others with kindness, and explore all that life has to offer."

Amy Lusson, Hhp

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Healthy-aging products and services

Longevity Products 
We believe that a preventative approach to health is the best success against disease and the deleterious effects of aging. Our product line follows this belief, from our initial product, Longevity 4 GH Releasing Capsules through to our newer herbal formulations of detox teas, salves, and tinctures.  

Consultation Services 
Amy Lusson, Holistic Health Practitioner and co-owner of Longevity, is now accepting clients for individual consultations. She offers the following services: dietary recommendations, identifying herbal and pharmaceutical contraindications, iridology, reflexology, dowsing, muscle testing, cellular emotional cleansing, and intuitive and distance healing.  

Wildcrafting Services 
We are avid wildcrafters and mushroom hunters. We enjoy spending a day hiking throughout all great places that Oregon and Washington have to offer. We able to fill any order, large or small, for a wide variety wildcrafted herbs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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